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Camille Attell

Your Remote Work Resume and Job Search

A Seminar by Camille Attell (Founder, More Than A Wheelin' & Remote Work School)

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About this Seminar

Got a remote resume? If you haven't written one within the last six months or haven't written one specifically for remote work, then the answer is likely "no". In this seminar, Camille will provide the key elements required to write a remote work resume that will improve your chances of being found and hired by employers or clients, and where you can look to find legitimate remote jobs, as well as avoid scams.

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About The Speakers

Camille Attell

Camille Attell

Founder, More Than A Wheelin' & Remote Work School

Camille combines her long experience in corporate training and coaching with her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology to offer Remote Work School, a successful online program where she teaches people how to work remotely so they can live life on their terms.