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Sharee Collier

Workamping 101: The Basics

A Seminar by Sharee Collier (Author | Founder, Live Camp Work)

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About this Seminar

Workamping is most easily defined as working while RVing. It’s the lifestyle of people who travel by RV and pick up monthly, seasonal, part-time and full-time jobs along the way. The jobs come in a variety of positions ranging from sales to outdoor hospitality and they offer a variety of different compensation structures that will include a basic trade of hours for a free RV site, free sites + pay, straight pay, as well as many others.

Join me in this seminar to discus the details you need to know to get started, go no and go farther!

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About The Speakers

Sharee Collier

Sharee Collier

Author | Founder, Live Camp Work

Sharee Collier is a travel loving entrepreneur. Known for her creativity and willingness to step out-side-the-box, Sharee enjoys building businesses that appeal to her two main loves, travel and marketing.