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Kelsey Henry

How To Create an Etsy Printable Business

A Seminar by Kelsey Henry (Author/Positivity Coach, Positively Delighted)

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About this Seminar

Have you ever wanted to create digital products that sell while you sleep? Then, a printable business on Etsy is for you! Tune into this interview with Kelsey Henry as she shares the secrets of creating an Etsy printable business that can help build your brand. You’ll learn how to choose the perfect printable, research competitor products, identify market opportunities, find keywords, source clip art for commercial use, and design your products!

Whether you are looking to add an income stream to your blog, create a printable business, or utilize Etsy’s search engine to grow your reach, this interview will show you how!

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About The Speakers

Kelsey Henry

Kelsey Henry

Author/Positivity Coach, Positively Delighted

Best-selling author, singer/songwriter, podcaster, digital nomad, Laughter Yoga Leader, and coloring page creator. She creates happiness resources and helps others achieve a positive mindset at