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How to Create a Content Strategy That Grows Your Business

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About this seminar

Are you antsy to get blogging? Has everyone told you that you need to get your social media up and running for your business?

Wait – before you hit publish!

Content is not just blogs or social media, it’s nearly everything that your target audience consumes from your business (online or offline).

But too many businesses treat content strategy like spaghetti thrown at the wall. They make a big batch and just throw it here, there and everywhere. What they lack is a true strategy for making the right content for the right people…and getting it to them at the right time (via the right channels).

What You’ll Get from This Seminar:

• What is “content” and why should you care? • What to do BEFORE you make ANY content for your business • Content marketing = nurturing your customer’s journey • Distribution methods – it’s more than just a blog or social media post! • Content development techniques you can use

Elizabeth Smith

Liz is the Founder and Chief at Peanuts or Pretzels Travel Blog and PoP Digital Media, where she provides digital marketing & brand consulting for clients (small and large) from the States to New Zealand, Laos, and even China.


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