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Jared & Jami McQuivey

Creating Gypsy Spa Through Community & Finding a Niche

A Seminar by Jared & Jami McQuivey (Owners, Gypsy Spa)

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About this Seminar

In this episode we get specific on how we honed our own skills and experience to have a seasonal position as well as create a traveling Spa that gives us the freedom to RV...and how YOU can do it too.

About The Speakers

Jared & Jami McQuivey

Jared & Jami McQuivey

Owners, Gypsy Spa

Jared McQuivey left the corporate IT job in 2014. Jared spent the last few years gathering skills in construction, roofing, warehousing and hospitality. He prefers working outdoors, with his hands and meeting new people. Jami McQuivey has her Bachelors in Science in Holistic Nutrition, is the author of Sensational Sex Was God's Idea?, is a certified Sexual Intimacy and DIRECT coach, a yoga teacher and enthusiast, as well as a reflexologist and massage therapist.