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Ashley Logsdon

Effectively Managing Multiple Streams of Income

A Seminar by Ashley Logsdon (Owner, Mama Says Namaste)

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About this Seminar

For the past 15+ years, Ashley has worked in her father's business, 48 Days, helping people find - or create - the work and life they love. As the head of the Coaching Certification program as well as being on the Advisory board for a thriving online community for entrepreneurs, Ashley has spoken at events and webinars regarding leveraging multiple streams of income.

She'll share the multiple revenue streams they have, as well as other outside the box ideas for exploring what assets you may have right under your nose. PLUS, opportunities for the whole family to get involved!

About The Speakers

Ashley Logsdon

Ashley Logsdon

Owner, Mama Says Namaste

48 Days Certified Coach, DISC Certified, Business and Personal coaching for 15 years, Degrees in Psychology and ASL Interpreting, 2 1/2 years of Fulltime RV travel to 48 States