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Tina Lorenz


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I’m a freelance copywriter, marketing consultant, mentor and teacher. I help clients discover what’s missing from your current marketing strategy, and zero in on how you can increase your visibility, maximize your effectiveness, and accelerate your profitability. When Tina Lorenz blazed into the vast arena of both on and off-line marketing and direct response copywriting, she was a complete unknown. But it didn’t take long for her first grand slam. Tina generated over four million dollars in sales within 30-days for her shocked (and frankly a little bit hair-on-fire-out-of-his-mind freaked out) client, netting him a phenomenal one-million-dollars in profit.

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How to Earn a Living through Copywriting

Tina Lorenz

Copywriting: The Answer for Mobile Income.

Tina Lorenz