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Ross & Jamie

Founders, 15 years of teaching experience, 4 years of full-time RV experience, built several businesses and created the lifestyle of their dreams.

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Ross and Jamie ( are musicians, educators and virtual professionals who've been working remotely since they began traveling the U.S. in their Winnebago in the fall of 2016.

They both teach lessons and classes in the arts at and work in person as teaching artists and performers. In addition to their arts work, Jamie is a virtual assistant, writer and editor ( and a new life coach, and Ross offers audio and video editing and other creative skills when he isn't making beats to share at

Ross and Jamie have each been teaching group classes, workshops and individual lessons for more than fifteen years. They're both known as excellent educators who enjoy making any subject accessible and fun!

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Making The Life You Want: Crafting Your Life Adventure

Ross & Jamie